10 Tips for Linkedin Beginners…

On Thursday this week I delivered a workshop around social networking for business. One of the focus areas was around Linkedin. Here are the Top 10 Tips for a Linkedin beginner to get the most out of the platform.

  1. Fill out your full profile. Remember to upload a picture. Populate as much of your career history as you can, it will help when asking people to connect .
    2. Check your existing contacts first, look them up and connect. You’ll be surprised who you know.
    3. When you connect with someone, see who else you have in common by looking at their list of contacts. Court warm introductions/referrals.
    4. Update your status profile every week. Your network will get an automatic update sent to their e-mail inbox.
    5. Join groups. It increases your visibility and will accelerate the number of contacts you communicate with.
    6. Contribute. Answer questions posed by others. It will increase your credibility.
    7. When you meet someone new in person or on-line, ask if they’re on Linkedin and hook up (do it the next day). Wherever they work, you’ll always be able to reach them.
    8. Got a new appointment, check out someone’s profile in advance and use the facts uncovered as a conversation opener. It’s an amazing way to start a meeting.
    9. Regularly check your Linkedin profile. Refresh the information. Give people a reason to keep tracking back to you.
    10. Be selective. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity.

Networking is about adding value.Remember, networking on-line is no different to networking in real life. Don’t be too pushy. Take your time and develop your network carefully. Building a successful and trusted network is about giving and establishing credibility over time.