5 Positivity Points

One of my favourite tunes from 1994 – Incognito “Positivity”.  Used to love listening to this in the car due to it’s uplifting words, always gave me a lift as a 26 year old salesman driving a White Cavalier. 

On the subject of “positivity”, last Friday night I spoke at a business awards in Tameside, Mancheser to an audience of around 250 people.  It was billed as an “inspirational speech” – so I’d pondered on what to say for a couple of weeks and decided on ambition and having a positive mindset (we call this 141%).

I’d clearly hit a chord as so many people came to me afterwards to say how much enjoyed hearing someone from a large company talk up small businesses and have an outlook that says you can achieve things.  Newpapers are still full of negativity, bad news and super-injunctions!   Five key points I covered were: -

  1. Give, Give, Give – Giving has a wonderful karma effect.  The more generously you give your time to others unconditionally, the more opportunity comes and knocks on your door. 
  2. Have a plan of where you are navigating to and programme your sub-conscious.    Your brain is a very powerful thing.  When you walk, you just walk, your brain does the clever bit.  When you pre-programme your sub-conscious with your objectives – it has an amazing effect of navigating you towards them.  What are your goals? Jot them down.  Process them.  Tell your brain out loud to help you get there (not at a bus stop mind you).
  3. Have the mindset of an opportunity engineer.  Don’t think “What can I sell  you” – think - “What opportunities could we mutually work on?”  Win/Win wins business.
  4. The world is a huge marketplace at your screen.  Never has there been a better time to open up your products and services to a global market.  It’s a click away.  Don’t limit your thinking to your local neighbourhood or regional.  Think Globally!
  5. Small has a great advantage – you’re not BIG.  Speed is crucial in the hyper world we all live in.  Big businesses take longer to do things. Smaller busineses can punch above their weight using social media to engage customers, google to turbo-boost up local ranking and geo-location to grab people in local markets.  Get tech savvy.

There’s never been a better time to be a new start.  Free tools on the web.  Cloud based applications for money management, marketing and collaboration.  Social media to access markets.  Free business advice.  If you are positive and realistic, so much can be achieved.  That’s coming from a bloke that started out as a barman, who now shapes the direction of a £100m+ business.  Go get ‘em!