Speaking to a room full of Chief Executives this morning, I recalled one of my favouite one lines from Steve Jobs – “I want to leave a ding in the universe”.  He was describing the role that he saw Apple playing in peoples lives.

Following a keynote, I was invited to attend some breakout groups and take some further questions around leadership and other topics.  I referred to a previous blog that I’d written called MBS is the new MBA which you can read here when discussing how you need to align yourself  and work towards your purpose (your ding).

It’s very empowering when you define your “ding” as you can begin to travel in a direction which then starts to contribute outputs to your ding(s) and provide great purpose and clarity as to how you spend your time, develop yourself or put your main effort into.

When you have that purpose, you”ll also begin to notice “synchronicity” more, read this blog to see what I mean by that.  Opportunities become plentiful and more visible, you just have to heighten your awareness to see them.  Without purpose it’s easy to suffer drift whilst you struggle to decide what it’s all for, so decide. 

  1. What are your core values?
  2. What are you not prepared to compromise on when the crunch comes?
  3. What matters?
  4. Who matters?
  5. What’s your ding?
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    I was there and today is a great day sharing some of the learning!