ing management speak, it just seems to unintentionally come out, the more excited I get.  The sign of an extrovert communicator!

I do recognise the trait and look to be aware of it, looking for the glance from a trusted colleague in a meeting, writing a keynote or reviewing a press release.

I fully accept that there is a time and a place for the right verncaular in business, it’s about appropriateness, it can have the opposite effect. You think you’re saying everything, yet you’re saying nothing. 

Moments like this always are a great reminder to stop and reflect about your own communication style and to remember to stay aware in case someone shouts ‘house’.

Five Tips that may work for you

  1. Have someone else re-read your work.
  2. Write down ‘management speak’ words and look for them in your comms.
  3. Identify what the ‘vernacular’ is in your organisation and be aware that it may not be the same as the audience you are communicating to.
  4. Always look to keep things simple where appropriate.
  5. Have a trusted advisor close by that can mark your card for you.