Linkedin Requests

I’d like you to join my professional network on Linkedin.

How many request do you get when someone just fires through the standard invitation?  I get loads.  But, rather than ignore them or just accept a request from someone that I don’t know, I send this reply: -

Hi (Enter Name Here),

Thanks for your Linkedin request.

I generally only connect with people I have met in person or have been recommended to by someone I know.

If there is an opportunity you would like to put my way, a mutual benefit to us connecting right now or I’ve simply forgotten we’ve met, please drop me a note and would be happy to consider.


So, what does this do?

It sorts out the collectors (speculators) from the real connectors (trusted contacts).  Collectors are people that are just randomly wanting to connect with you, offering no value to the connection.  Linkedin is the place where I keep contact of my network, that is, people that I know.  It’s mostly people that I have met, but occassionally I do connect with people that know my trusted contacts.

A Quality Invite

When you know someone personally, it’s OK – in my view – to send a standard request.  I still choose not to, opting to always add a short note to personalise it.

If you are looking to connect to someone that you want to approach as you have a mutual opportunity/common connection/reason to connect, but you have not met in person, then add some commentary why you are sending the request or you are likely to end up on the reject list.  It doesn’t need to be war and peace.



We haven’t met but we share XXX as a mutual connection.  I think we share a number of common connections/or an interest in XXXX and think we would benefit from knowing each other.

XXXX always speaks highly of you and noted to me that you are someone that I should connect with.

Kind Regards,


Do you see what a different impact that might make to a potential connection?   It says, “I’ve thought about this, there is some benefit to us knowing each other and this is a personal note.”  Do that and you should ensure more connections.

  • Michael Taylor

    Hi Phil, I always try and send a personalised message, but one of the weaknesses of the iPhone App is it gives you options to say – “connect” but not to personalise a message. It does this for people LinkedIn thinks you should connect with. 
    I like your response as a way of getting round this, but do bear that in mind.

  • ThreeNine

    This is one of my pet peaves too!  I get a number of these requests, however have soon learned that they provided no value what so ever!  I do like your approach, I will certainly be employing this in the future!