I have my moments every now and then.  Here are some my own thoughts/sayings/trends, feel free to use them if they help you get a point across.


TATT – Time, Attention, Trust and Transparency.  The key factors that all businesses now need to address to breakthrough in today’s changing world.

B2ME Marketing - This describes the fusion between B2B and B2C marketing which I believe is blending into new individualised/personalised marketing which optimises moments.

Roam Working/Workers - Describing the new mobile workforce, distinct from tele-workers/Home-Working.  Location independent workers.

Optimysation – Trend describing the need to optimise every moment, particularly using status updates or cloud applications to increase efficiency.

Real-actionships – Gen X using social media to drive on-line social media generated relationships to off-line human to human relationships.

Crowd-Forcing – Inspired by Crowd-sourcing.  The crowd pulling together to pressurise/threaten brands through negative on-line chatter.


“Just because you really believe something, it doesn’t make it true. Evidence your thinking for improved results.”

“Relationships can turn into “real-actionships” when you meet in person. Use on-line to go off-line in business to business sales.”

“The past has passed. Ahead is in your head. Past mistakes don’t determine future success.”

“If you don’t know what your end state is, how do you know what your main effort should be to get there?”

“A lesson identified is different from a lesson learned. Identify learning opportunities and then learn from them.”

“If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.”

“Whose in your next of KIN? (KIN = Key Individual Network) – TEST = When it goes down, will they take your call?”

“I love this saying “Pain is temporary, Quitting is Forever”. Most successful startups experience pain, but don’t quit.”

“Twitter is about relationship generation, not demand generation.”

“An average is made up of overs and unders. Even in an average marketplace, there are overperformers, look beyond the average.”

“MBS (Mind, Body and Soul) is the new MBA! – Emotional intelligence needs to be layered on to raw academic capability to reach your full potential.

Other Sayings I Like (Not Accredited to Me)

“Don’t stare up the steps, step up the stairs”