Ssssh. Can you keep a secret?

The Worlds biggest secret is finally out. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the “i-Pad.” Launched today by Apple CEO – Steve Jobs – the i-Pad has created a huge buzz of anticipation, primarily as Apple have been keeping details of the product under such tight security.

So tight, that the army of bloggers, Twitterers and journalists have not been able to break any major news of the product pre-launch, debate was still hot this morning about the products name and Paddy Power were even accepting bets about it. Now that is very difficult to do. Think about the world as it stands today, hardly anything remains a secret. Someone is always ready to break news, take a photo or take their two minutes of fame if offered. Which makes what Apple have achieved even more impressive.

A business psychologist whom I’ve worked with, describes trust as “for all time”, that is, if I tell you a secret, it remains between the two of us, until either party expliciity say otherwise. Steve Jobs has clearly got a trusting bunch of people at Apple, as they have been watertight on this project and have not breached ranks. That is quite something and worthy of appreciation. How they’ve done it, I don’t know. By doing it, they’ve seen a massive buzz build about the product on and off-line, that is worth millions of marketing dollars on their own. Something that many other brands will be looking at with some jealousy.