The Carbon Impact of Marketing

Bit of a rant tonight. I’ve received two mail shots in the past weeks from businesses wanting to do business with my business. Both will fail. Why? Because they sent ridiculous pieces of marketing to me which completely rub against my values of ensuring minimal waste. Item 1). was a balloon in a box. A fully blown up balloon, sent in a huge box by a marketing company that clearly thought it was original and quirky (sorry, been done before).
When opened the balloon simply floated out and I then had a very large box to re-cycle. Item 2) was a cheap calculator, in a blister pack sent by a petrol company to motivate us to use their fuel. I don’t think so. I took one look at the item and promptly donated it to my Head of CSR who was equally as flabbergasted as me at the CSR own goal the company in question had kicked (she has since found a new home for it). These are both classic situations – in my view – of organisations wanting to try and stand out (fair enough) but completely missing the point when it comes to deployment/CSR issues.
I can think of far more creative ways to make the point, to grab attention or to make an impact. In these times, where natural resources are becoming scarcer and the whole world is battling with carbon emmissions, surely someone, somewhere, in these organisations should reviewing the deployment of such activity? One of the Megatrends I talk about is REDuce. That is, Green buyers seeing RED at suppliers that don’t take environmental issues seriously. So, if you don’t want an unintended consequence and your marketing to do more harm that good, take a step back and consider the wider picture.