The Ocean of Opportunity

Speaking to an audience in Wrexham last night, I used a metaphor which I’d like to share.

It came up when talking about creation and how much time people spend creating and also how your past experiences can really influence your future decision making.  This is a visual image which you can conjure up in your head.

Imagine you are at the helm of a speedboat, travelling at speed, skipping across the waves.  Ahead of you is ocean, as far as your eyes can see.  Huge, expansive, limitless and infinite.  This represents your future.

Behind you is the foam that trail of the boat leaves in the water, ultimately your footprint through life.  When it goes behind the boat, that’s all it is – foam, nothing more.  Not something you need to look back at or spend time thinking about or use to shape your present.  This represents your past.

Your focus should be on navigating your boat in the vast ocean in front of you, giving you unlimited potential to travel in whatever direction you wish to take, choosing not to look back, to ignore the “foam” of your past negative experiences and focus on the positive future – the ocean of opportunity.

The only moment that matters in life is now.  This very second, your current breath, your current heartbeat.  What’s gone is gone.  You can make a decision right now to change your state, your direction or your choices and turn your speedboat in a new direction.  But if you continually look back at the foam, then it’s highly likely that you’re journey will go off course, send  you in circles and ultimatley delay you.