Walking Tall

So, we’re back in recession, officially. Cue further talking down of the economy, headlines, general pessimism and politicians talking about the importance of manufacturing – yawn 2.0. Who cares? Most people I know in business are going about their business, not moping about but chasing the money that is out there. They are upping the work rates, refining the marketing and thinking how to keep creating.  Looking back achieves a number of things: -

  1. It can show trends of the past.
  2. It can point you in the way of previous failure and success.
  3. It can provide deep insight into previous behaviour.

I think Steve Jobs had it right though, he assumed people didn’t know what they want yet and set about designing things for their tomorrow, less than their now. 35,000 products sold an hour and last quarter revenues of $38bn can’t be wrong – but Apple is a special case right? Wrong.

 They capture the headlines yes, they’ve penetrated our lives – yes, their products are great – yes, but they are one tiny fraction of the amount of money that gets spent in the world, across technology, business and consumer, so there’s plenty to go at.

Just because we are in recession it does not mean people are not spending. They may spend less on discretionary items, perhaps but people still spend. So, hold your head up high, breathe in a lungful of air, shoulders back and march on out into that economy and do something wonderful. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stay positive, stay sharp and get recession busting. See you out there.