You’re not trying hard enough

One of the classic sayings “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough”. 

Accepting the status quo is as good as turning off onto the motorway of mediocrity for business, but doing the opposite can also create a parallel problem – initiative inertia or overload.  An unplanned dichotomy where you’re intention is to do good and create momentum but you end us pushing people into a state of inertia, not understanding which initiative comes first, which is flavour of the month, which is strategic,which is tactical – and so on.

Heading an big business takes energy and organisation.  You have to de-clutter yourself from the distractions, the small stuff and keep focussed on the road to excellence.  When you do that, you can more clearly prioritise the “must do” initiatives from the “nice to have” initiatives.  I use a priority matrix to help me understand the big long term picture from the short term stuff, the stuff that will take resources from the stuff is easy to do, the things that we can do quickly with big impacts to the business.

It’s brilliant to do new things, it challenges people and keeps momentum.  But always health check on whether your latest greatest idea may slow down people, drain resources or distract them when other priorities exist before you get happy clappy or you risk unintended inertia.